CBD Oil In New Zealand – Where To Buy And More

If you are a Kiwi and you have always wanted to find out more about CBD oil, you have just stumbled upon the number one resource for CBD oil information in the country. In this website, we discuss and explain everything there is to know about the oil in New Zealand including its benefits, potential side effects, the relevant laws, legislative developments, and where to get such oils in major cities across the country including Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

Let’s begin.

What Is CBD oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol – one of the many important components found in Cannabis Sativa plants. When Cannabis Sativa is mentioned, many people usually associate it with marijuana. This is correct. However, marijuana is but one of the many varieties of Cannabis Sativa. One of the other strains is the hemp plant aka industrial hemp. From the explanation we have provided above, it follows that cannabidiol oil can be derived from either the marijuana plant or the hemp plant. To distinguish between the two types of cannabidiol oil based on source, many publications usually refer to cannabidiol from marijuana as cannabis oil, while cannabidiol oil from the hemp plant is referred to as hemp oil or hemp CBD oil.

Industrial hemp

Marijuana is a banned substance in New Zealand. It is illegal to possess, to supply, and to use for recreational purposes. Therefore, cannabis oil is completely illegal in New Zealand as of now. According to government references, the substance that is actually banned in cannabis oil in law is the THC in it. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is one of the other major substances found in significant concentrations in most Cannabis Sativa plants including marijuana. It makes you high and may cause euphoria or hallucination. If you have taken a hit before then you probably know the feeling we are talking about. However, although THC is in high concentrations in Cannabis Sativa plants, it is not in high concentrations in the hemp variety.  Therefore, based on this technicality, hemp oils are not banned in New Zealand.

The Benefits Of Hemp CBD Oil

There have been drugs that people have referred to as wonder drugs before. There have also been health supplements that people have been referred to as super supplements before. However, none of these drugs or supplements can compare to the kind of things hemp oil can do for you. It is actually the most powerful natural therapeutic supplement to have been discovered to date.

First of all, the oil is a potent painkiller. Nothing really compares to it especially in dealing with headaches and back pains. Many who have been suffering from chronic pain have found relief only months after they started taking it.

Secondly, it is a great supplement for reducing anxiety. So if you are always worried and your blood pressure goes up when you are faced with some stressing conditions, it may just be what you need to cut out those anxious feelings.

Thirdly, there is nothing quite like the beneficial effects of hemp CBD oil, especially that one which is based on the hemp seed, to the skin, hair, and even nails. The oil has got every nutrient to restore health and vitality to your skin to make it glow and to your hair to make it shine like when you were just a teenager.

Hemp oil is also known to support the immune system and make your body better able to fight diseases. It is also nutrition for your brain and it promotes general wellbeing. We could go on and on about the benefits but you get the gist; it is a powerful therapeutic supplement.

However, one thing you should know is that the NZ Ministry of Health has not approved any of these statements. The meaning of this is that they have not carried out tests to ascertain that these benefits are true and to subsequently approve the use of hemp CBD oil as a medicine in New Zealand. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the oil does not have these benefits. In fact, we checked several credible scientific journals to verify the benefits above before we put them there. So although hemp oil is not an approved drug, it can be taken as a supplement and it is a very good one.

The Side Effects Of Hemp CBD Oil

Although many websites usually go on and on about the benefits of CBD oil, not many usually cover the side effects. To present to you both sides of the coin, we figured it was important to also discuss the side effects.

In short, there are no severe side effects to worry about. Many studies have shown that CBD oil is safe to take by mouth especially when consumed in moderate doses. Very high doses can cause problems including very low blood pressure, which can cause dizziness and damage to the heart and to the brain.


Even in low doses, hemp oil may cause some irritating side effects such as dry mouth, lightheadedness, or drowsiness among some people. In others, the oil may cause stomach upset.

If you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding, you are advised not to take hemp oil to avoid possibly harming your baby. This is because medical experts argue that introducing a powerful substance such as a cannabidiol to your baby’s developing body could have unwanted or even dangerous effects.

What Is The NZ Government’s View On Hemp Oil? What Are The Laws?

The view of the government is kind of neutral but with a slight tilt towards the negative. Some bureaucrats in government think that CBD oil should be banned, while others are not of the same opinion.

The law

However, according to the existing CBD law, doctors do not require approval from the NZ Ministry of Health to prescribe or administer hemp CBD oils. The link we have provided above is to the ministry’s official website and it the proof you need to believe that what we are saying here is true. The page that the link leads to also states that individual patients do not have the permission to import cannabis-based medicines into the country. In other words, cannabis oil/ marijuana oil/ CBD oil from marijuana is illegal to import. Nevertheless, this law does not ban the importation of hemp CBD oil or hemp seed oil.

The oil can be used as a food supplement from November 2018 and onwards. Therefore, you’ve got nothing to worry about when buying this hemp supplements in NZ.

The laws that prevent the use of cannabis oil but allow for the use of hemp CBD oils are the Misuse of Drugs (Industrial Hemp) Regulations Act 2006 and the Food Regulations Act 2015.

Where To Buy Cannabidiol Oil In New Zealand And The Best Products

The fact that you stumbled upon this page because you were probably googling for where to buy cannabidiol in NZ points to one thing: there are not that many cannabidiol stores in NZ. This is true even in big cities such as Wellington and Auckland.  We think that the reason for this might be because there is still a bit of marijuana stigma in the country despite the fact that studies have shown that the country has one of the highest rates of marijuana use in the world. Hopefully, things will change in the future as more Kiwis find resources like our website and learn that there is a difference between hemp derived CBD oil and marijuana CBD oil and that CBD has massive health benefits.

It is because of the lack of many stores that many Kiwis buy their hemp oil online. Below are some of the popular hemp oil brands that are imported into the country. The brands are in no particular order:

Hemp Oil



CW Hemp oil is a short form for Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil. According to the maker of this oil, CW Hemp CBD Oil is the “World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract.”

This American company has been recognized several times as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hemp oil.

This CW Hemp oil is made of the whole plant and it has all the beneficial ingredients and substances found in the hemp plant. As a New Zealander, you can now directly purchase this famous hemp oil from the CW Hemp link above.

The prices are affordable and the shipping fees are not that expensive.



This hemp oil bottle has a high concentration of CBD making it perfect for dealing with chronic pain.

It is also flavorless so taking it is an easy exercise. The dropper inside the bottle is also graduated making it possible to administer accurate doses.

It is THC-free and made from organic, non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the US.

This product is legal in New Zealand and in over 40 other countries across the globe including the US where it is made.



This is one of the ‘cleanest’ hemp oils out there. The reason is that it is made from non-GMO hemp plants grown under strict supervision in the United States. And also because it is vegan, sweetener-free, and gluten-free. It is the perfect oil to take if you are multi-allergic.

Moreover, this Bluebird Botanicals product is full-spectrum. This means it features all the important molecules includes over 80 cannabinoids and dozens of terpenes, vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals that are important for overall body and mental health.

There is nothing not to love about this hemp oil and you can get it now directly from the company through the link above.

hemp oil



Elixinol is an Australian manufacturer of hemp and cannabis medicines. This company is known to be one of the most profitable companies in the hemp and cannabis medicines industry because it makes quality and effective products.

This particular product is an advanced and versatile formula made to deal with a variety of health problems including anxiety, pain, and mood imbalance.

It can be taken sublingually or added to food.

Some industry analysts say it provides the best value for money. This is yet to be confirmed.

CBD Pure



You want to give your immune system the perfect boost? This hemp oil is what you should go for.

It is made of organic hemp and it has a natural hemp flavor.

To show the world just how confident it is in the quality of this product, the company behind it has a 90-day money back guarantee. So in case the product doesn’t do all the stuff you expect a CBD product to do, you can contact them within the 90 days and you will get back your purchase price.

The labelling of this oil is perfectly legal making this hemp product the easiest to import into the country.

The company behind this company is based in Vancouver in the state of Washington.


Hemp CBD oil is not banned in New Zealand, unlike cannabis and cannabis CBD oil. There are many benefits to using hemp oil including pain reduction, anxiety reduction, stress reduction, and better general wellbeing. There are also a few side effects that you should watch out for. Although there are not that many cannabidiol oil vendors across the country, there are some in major cities such as Auckland and the likes. Just check out the cannabis clinics, health stores, and natural medicine centres.

Cannabis Care NZ centre is one of the highly recommended cannabis oil dispensing clinics in the country and it is run by an experienced medical professional who has experienced great success in treating patients with cannabidiol.